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Professional Installation You Can Trust
Every floor is professionally installed or restored to NWFA standards.  For restorations, we evaluate the condition of your floor for moisture and damage, both inside and out, before beginning.  Our experts ensure that each restoration and hardwood floor installation is handled as it would be with the care of their own home.  
Restoration Work
Over the years, we have successfully replaced and repaired damaged hardwoods from many different causes including pets, moisture, natural disasters, and everyday wear and tear.  
For this restoration, our experts restored one-inch-thick heart pine that was live-sawn and top nailed.  Great care was taken to sand the original finish and reset the nail heads below the surface.  After a thorough sanding to remove divots and impressions common to softer wood species, like pine, our experts worked with the homeowner to find the perfect complement to their new walls and decor. Because each room in every home has different lighting, we prefer for our homeowners to see the stain options prior to final selection. With the perfect stain selected, our experts sealed this floor with a polyurethane-based finish, providing years of enjoyment for our homeowners.
Grossman Floor Systems Logo of a Floor with a Tree in the Center.
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