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Hardwood Floor Care Routine Timeline

We have made it quick and easy to determine how to care for your hardwood floors. Our recommendations are the same for any sealed floor:


Sweep or use a dust mop.


Vacuum with a bare floor setting. We love stick vacuums that allow quick clean ups in between as well such as Dyson. We touch up with Bona Disposable Wet Cleaning Pads for Hardwood Floors using a dust mop.


Use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Mop system to thoroughly clean every day life off your beautiful floors.

3-5 Years

Call us for a maintenance coating. This will help prolong the life of your floor by adding an extra layer of protection on it.

10-15 years

Call us to refinish your hardwood floors. You can choose a different stain from our vast collection with Duraseal stains.

If you are ready for a new floor today, call us at 910-224-3625 and let us help you pick out the perfect floor to compliment your home.

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