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Prolong Your Floors

Extend the life of your hardwood floors with these simple steps

Remove Shoes

The soles of your shoes carry bacteria, chemicals, and dirt onto your floors. These elements can work their way into the floor through tiny cracks. Dirt can be abrasive making small scratches in the surface creating an uneven surface conducive to trapping for of these elements. The act of removing your shoes before you enter your home or having a designated spot in the mud room or entry to remove them can prevent this wear and tear.

Use Rugs

While many may say what is the point of having hardwoods if you are going to put a rug over it but hear us out. Rugs in your most high traffic areas like the entry hallway can allow another easily replaceable surface to collect the bacteria, chemicals, and dirt mentioned above.

Keep Grit Down

By regularly caring for your hardwood floors, you can ensure years of enjoyment before needing to recoat or refinish your hardwood floors. A simple stick vacuum is our favorite recommendation for remove grit and grime regularly. We are super-fans of the Dyson cordless stick vacuums.

Clean Pet Feet

The last recommendation is for those with fur babies (or pets). Many times pet-owners have indoor pets that get some outdoor time. Before your pets enter the house, keep a towel to wipe grit and grime off their paws, saving your wood floors from elements that add wear and tear.

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